Crazy is as crazy does

Does one know they are crazy as they get a little crazier but they dive in anyway?

We are already veered off normalcy (for this particular half-century) with the unschooling…and here are my latest thoughts…

I am a big finances nut. I love crunching the numbers and paying the bills, organizing all my accounts in Quicken. After we married I loved analyzing every income and expense and trimming the fat of unnecessary spending. Working off every penny of non-mortgage debt was like a game!

Lately with the mental adjustment to unschooling and realizing we *can* do this long term, I’ve been thinking how much freedom we have to create the life we want for ourselves. Which led me to thinking about the folks who said they couldn’t homeschool because they need to work or there is no way their families could live on one income (or less!).

That may be true with their current financial status, but I am starting to realize we really can adjust our lives to fit our needs.

Now for the crazy part…

The kids and I get to romp around freely every day because Jason works 40+ hours a week. He is an awesome hubby and father and very involved, so ends up with very little time or sleep. Its not fair that he doesn’t get to experience the same freedom that comes with a wide open schedule.

I want him to be free with us!

With that goal in mind, it was off to the computer to crunch some numbers (imagine the sheer joy! lol). and I have come up with…da da dum: The Three Year Plan

The Three Year Plan Involves:

  • paying off one of the smaller mortgages
  • selling the rental house
  • using proceeds of sale to apply to larger mortgage
  • refinancing what’s left of larger mortgage with a 5% interest rate, that would be even too crazy for me.
  • Jason quits his job
  • I pick up an extra shift, working two shifts a week.
  • Jason takes off several months and we live on my part time income(it can be done amazingly!)
  • Jason heals from his 9-5 life
  • Jason realizes the power of time to think and be creative.
  • Jason draws in extra money doing fun things inspired by passion instead of pressure.
  • We all enjoy time together as a family.

What do you think? Jason thinks it sounds a bit crazy and maybe it is. But I want to do it! Lets do it!

3 Responses to “Crazy is as crazy does”

  1. Jen Says:

    The spontaneous side of me is super excited for your ambitious goal! Genius to give way to your passions!
    The other side of me wonders how you’ll have the flexibility to see the world with such a constrained budget. What if passion doesn’t equate to income? what about medical benefits? All those “what if’s” you don’t want your children to limit their lives by…
    And a little of me is giggling a bit because your post sounds like a prime intro to “Wife Swap”.
    Can’t wait to hear more. 🙂

  2. Lisa Says:

    I love 3 year plans!
    And you have no idea how much we would love to do something like this! Ron hates working so much and knows he can’t set limits. He is always thinking about what else he can do to get to a place like this. We have a couple possible plans, but they kindof impossible to implement when you are working 80 hours a week. 🙁
    I hope you make it!

  3. Zoe Says:

    way to take the wind out of my sail, Jen! LOL I totally forgot about the insurance thing. damn! So that would mean it’d either be hella expensive through my work, or I’d have to pick up a third shift per week and work full time for the better benefits. Hmmm, still doable if Jason and I were both home 4 out of 7 days, but not what I was looking for exactly.
    Three years to fine tune the plan…
    Stay tuned! (a little more wife swap for you)

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