For some reason, it always works out that Zoë’s work schedule falls on at least one holiday throughout the year. Last year it was Christmas, so we opened presents on Christmas Eve and I think she even had to work Thanksgiving. That’s one of the down sides of only working part time.

Egg prep

So I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she had to work this weekend, Easter weekend, next to Christmas, one of the more fun holidays for the kids. I didn’t think we would do much this year, since the egg hunt is more fun as a family (and outside), but Zoë had other plans (for me).

Img 0318

Usually we just do the plastic egg/separate halves/insert candy/join halves/hide egg thing, but with close to four dozen eggs in the fridge, Zoë wasn’t having that. Some boiling time and food coloration later, there were 32 eggs ready to be hidden. That’s going to make a lot of egg salad sandwiches. Taker’s anyone?

Img 0324

The kids had a ball finding the eggs, which we both hid this morning before Zoë left for work, then raced to open their Thriftway-special Easter baskets. Amazing how such a cheap holiday gift can bring such joy–and fights over the better foam dart gun and Lik-a-Stik candy powder all over the floor and…well, you get the picture.

Img 0360

It will be real treat when Simon can do more than just play in the fake grass.

4 Responses to “Easter”

  1. Lisa Says:

    OK, so I have to admit something embarrassing. I am all excited about this post because I see you dyed brown eggs LOL. For some reason, I never thought they would dye as well and always buy white ones for coloring. But now I know differently. We hid plastic mainly because we had to do it the night before. I can’t imagine either of us making it out of bed without Orion waking up, so it may be that way for awhile with us. 🙂

  2. jen Says:

    the color on your eggs is intense! Do brown eggs take the dye better or are you just super patient about letting them soak in the egg cup?

  3. zoe Says:

    I only left them in for a minute. They are intense! I was surprised how much deeper the color was, almost jewel like.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    errr, I should say more like 3-5 minutes.

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