meal plan monday

Detective zoe finds meals without grocery shopping.

Unfortunately the car died and we had to shell out for a new (to us) one. The Toyota Sienna is a nice van! We had been suffering through life with (gasp!) manual windows, manual door locks and no AC! Can you believe it?? Its true. It was just a car and we didn’t care really. We’d rather spend our money on other things than a car we spend so little time in.

But it died and we decided to spend a little more on something we hope will last a little longer. The new one has power everything and working ac. so fancy!

It will take us a smidge to recover from the big purchase, so lets see what’s in the cupboard.

Cheese pizza, with no extra toppings

pasta with jar of spaghetti sauce

13 bean soup without the meat

secretly delicious spinach pie (with frozen spinach instead of fresh)

brown rice and lentil casserole

Apples and a lone pear and a mango in the fruit bowl and one loaf of bread.

that should get us to payday.

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