The freedom of unschooling

The kids and I had a wonderful day at the $2 zoo day. As we walked around, just having a nice time together, walking wherever we want without any time restraints or schedules, I keep thinking how awesome it is that we can do these things any time we want.

The crowd was minimal and the atmosphere very relaxed. It feels so good to never worry about following someone else’s schedule or rules. We don’t have to worry about a school dictating where the kids must be, what rules they must follow, how they must dress, what and when they will learn, how they spend eight hours in a classroom and several more hours at home doing homework or otherwise preparing for school.

We follow our own path and listen to our children’s interests and readiness for new knowledge. They soak it up like a sponge in their own time. we will never say we wish we had spent more time together. We have nothing but time!

I just wish we had a few more friends or family to share these day trips with.

Img 4771Zoosm

Img 4763Zoosm

Get a picture of me and the chicken please! hahahaha!

Img 4776Zoosm

Img 4772Zoosm

The canon A70 was pretty cool back in the day, but it really needs to go. Its bad when even the outside photos are grainy. I need a new camera for the purse.

Img 4793Zoosm

The orangutans were playing right up close.

Img 4787Zoosm

Img 4783Zoosm

Img 4778Zoosm

Isaac’s hair rocks! It almost looks like a party hat.

Img 4761Zoosm

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  1. Adria Sha Says:

    I love seeing your family’s photos. You always look so happy together.

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