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new year resolutions out for 2008

lets review 2007 goals first…

1. Finish the chicken coop its a beauty too!

2. Replace the last three closet doors and three bedroom doors. (still not painted though. doh!)

3. Bring new baby Simon into the fold without too much trauma to his brothers.

4. Lose pregnancy fat. (lost 70 pounds of pregnancy weight, but still have pre preggo mom fluff)

5. Continue to grow out hair long and lovely for my Beau. (not so lovely with the post-partum mullet, as I call it. the hair falls out and re-growth fringes around the face…aka mullet)

I’d also say we made a complete 180 in our children’s schooling and it feels wonderful to finally be dong something that feels right.

2008 goals (my goals always read like a check list. Nothing too spectacular.)

-replace flooring in main living areas.

-fully fund roth IRA for 2008.

-continue with TOPS support group all year.

-complete purge of clutter, maybe reveal a usable family room??

-update zb photography pricing and biz card