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row row row your boat…

Canoeing in the empty flooring boxes…

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layers of lovely

Dontcha just love peeling back the layers of time? A time of 1978. A time when they thought this brick-looking linoleum was so totally rockin’ every square inch should be plastered down with adhesive.

Jason is such a stud he ripped out the kitchen flooring during his lunch break. I had to run for the camera to catch the action!




Simon cruises off as fast as he can during diaper changes.

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Xander’s party

We had a last minute celebration at the pizza parlor. the kids get to play in the gerbil cage;)

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me and my mini me’s (see the mullet i was talking about?)

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As soon as everyone got there, xander put on this face (i like simon’s face too! haha!). Xander is going through a tough patch of feeling uncomfortable with how to communicate within large groups. he forces a frown, doesn’t want to make eye contact and won’t answer anyone. He really is my child! I was the exact same way at his age.

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Xander got a new game so it was popped into the Game Boy immediately!

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Our life

I’m loving the wide angle window into life. Our messy living room, kids doing what they do…

Xander is officially four! They are BIG into video games and play with Game Boys all the time. Xander will get to a difficult part of a game and get Isaac or Jason to help him through. Thank goodness the playpen didn’t get sold…its going to come in handy for our new floor project! Also…see that awful brass fan in the foyer? New lights for the foyer and the dining room are ordered!

Another exciting bit of Xander news…

While Isaac absolutely loved this program for learning to read (and completed it!), Xander could not get through a single episode in one sitting without losing interest. I figured it was related to his younger age and we’d try it again later (still might). But, he found the old box of Hooked On Phonics stuff and asked if he could open it up. He excitedly pulled out the books and was reading CVC’s (consonant-vowel-consonant words) all on his own!

He only spent about 30 minutes on it and hasn’t touched it since, but that’s the beauty of child-lead learning. He can pick up on it again when he is ready.

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getting the 2008 list started!

ripping it up…

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Another kid

getting ready to turn four tomorrow!

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A couple of kids

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Dsc 0015Sm-5


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evidence of muddy paws

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