pizza night

I love pizza night! We were having homemade pizza every Friday for a while until we needed a break. We had it again tonight and it is delicious! Jason and I are a great team. I make the dough and the sauce before he gets done with work (to give it enough rising time) and he assembles and bakes it.


Dsc 0032-1Sm

Our first try with the pizza stone and half the pizza stuck to it. oops!

Dsc 0028Sm-4

Dsc 0021Sm-4

2 Responses to “pizza night”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    A double frickin’ oven….
    So jealous, and I’m a dude…

  2. Jessica Says:

    We do the same thing every Friday! Except we cheat and buy the dough from Trader Joe’s and the kids each make their own little pizzas.

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