cold feet

Simon is 10 months and has started climbing up on everything from hearth to bunk beds (eek!). Tonight, as I was about to load in the new groceries he climbed up into the fridge. You can sorta see the new floors too! Jason still has a few edges to finish up before its complete.

We are also very excited to be picking up two new chickens tomorrow. They are a little older than our girls, but brown egg laying heavy breeds, like we have. One is a Black Star and the other a Barred Plymouth Rock (black and white). Hopefully we can ease them into the flock without too much of a scuffle.

Dsc 0005Climbersm

Dsc 0004Climbersm

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  1. StephanieS Says:

    Ha!! You are in for trouble in another year. hehehe

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