Xander’s party

We had a last minute celebration at the pizza parlor. the kids get to play in the gerbil cage;)

Dsc 0049Sm-2

Dsc 0009Sm-5

Dsc 0012-3Sm

Dsc 0013Sm-2

me and my mini me’s (see the mullet i was talking about?)

Dsc 0019Sm-5

Dsc 0023Sm-5

Dsc 0027Sm-4

As soon as everyone got there, xander put on this face (i like simon’s face too! haha!). Xander is going through a tough patch of feeling uncomfortable with how to communicate within large groups. he forces a frown, doesn’t want to make eye contact and won’t answer anyone. He really is my child! I was the exact same way at his age.

Dsc 0032Sm-5

Dsc 0033Sm-3

Dsc 0044Sm

Xander got a new game so it was popped into the Game Boy immediately!

Dsc 0048Sm

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