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One vw bug for sale

My first car. Anyone want it? I tried to sell it 9 years ago when it was a pile of rust for $500. Jason took it under his wing and redid the interior and got rid of the rust. He lowered it and tinted the windows. Disc brakes and new tires. He’s not really a mechanic and each little fix it needs is too much for us. Its time to go!

Dsc 0014Bug

home ec class

When cookies are involved everyone wants in on it. Actually Simon wants in on anything he can climb up on (don’t worry, the outside of the oven stays cool). We made Monster cookies and I must say they keep me on my diet. Way too sweet for me!

Its been a long evening in the kitchen, because I also have a crock pot chili going for tomorrow and Jason is making the Tuscan rolls I want to go with it. We are putting an X on them and calling them “hot crossed buns” though, because this makes Xander shriek with excitement. 😀

Dsc 0006Bakingsm

pizza night

I love pizza night! We were having homemade pizza every Friday for a while until we needed a break. We had it again tonight and it is delicious! Jason and I are a great team. I make the dough and the sauce before he gets done with work (to give it enough rising time) and he assembles and bakes it.


Dsc 0032-1Sm

Our first try with the pizza stone and half the pizza stuck to it. oops!

Dsc 0028Sm-4

Dsc 0021Sm-4


Jason updated my computer with Mac OS X Leopard and I am loving the new layout in iPhoto. I can scroll through each album of downloads quickly and each album is labeled with the import date.

So many photos and so few printed. Its such a daunting task deciding what to print and getting them sorted and prepped.

I need this one printed for sure! awwww…

Dsc 0006 2Sm-2

five dangerous things your kids should do

I enjoyed this video of a guy named Gever Tulley. He speaks of five (six really) “dangerous” things your kids should do. He’s working on a book of 50 things your kids should do. I’ll be interested!

One of the five things is to deconstruct an appliance. We have a non-working VCR and we gave the kids each a screw driver and let them go at it. They managed to get it pulled apart into many pieces and had fun doing it.

Now we know what’s in there AND how to use a screw driver. What else can we take apart now? haha!

Dsc 0002Vcrsm

Dsc 0015Vcrsm

Fun with friends

Friends came over today and it just amazes me how great kids can play together. Eight wonderful kids in all, in our not-so-big home and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Dsc 0014Sm-3

Dsc 0017Sm-3

Dsc 0019Sm-6

Jason and I both get a little giddy to actually be holding a petite little girl baby! Isn’t she sweet?

Dsc 0011Sm-6

Isaac learned to play checkers recently and I loved that he pulled the box out and gathered some participants all on his own.

Dsc 0013Sm-3

Dsc 0020Sm-4

Dsc 0022Sm-7

Emily got a nip from one of the chickens while feeding them bread:( I should have clarified we throw the food instead of hand feed. She relaxed with a book after.

Dsc 0030Sm-6

Caleb shows Simon how agile he can be in another year.

Dsc 0038Sm-1

Seconds before Simon flies over the edge…

Dsc 0039Sm-2

Dsc 0040Sm-3

How about Candy Land?

Dsc 0052Sm

We could have played all night!

Dsc 0056Sm-1

Thank you Becki and Chandler

This is what Xander spent his gift card on. hahaha! Its so totally him.

climbing again

Jason had two dining chairs stacked to the side for the flooring project. Simon pushed the top chair over and climbed up. He sure is daring for a 10 month old, non-walking baby!

Dsc 0003Climbingsm

meet the new girls!

Iris and Daisy.

I broke all the rules of adding new hens to a flock and just stuck them in the back yard. The reds immediately jumped onto the fence out of the way and the buffs tried to show how tough they are. I spread out a couple piles of scratch and they are sticking to themselves for now.

I love how they get right to business and foraged around like they’ve been here all along. My sister is supposed to bring a crate over in case we have some brooding issues tonight.

I love the barred rock (right) and Isaac particularly likes the black sexed-link. Aren’t they pretty!


cold feet

Simon is 10 months and has started climbing up on everything from hearth to bunk beds (eek!). Tonight, as I was about to load in the new groceries he climbed up into the fridge. You can sorta see the new floors too! Jason still has a few edges to finish up before its complete.

We are also very excited to be picking up two new chickens tomorrow. They are a little older than our girls, but brown egg laying heavy breeds, like we have. One is a Black Star and the other a Barred Plymouth Rock (black and white). Hopefully we can ease them into the flock without too much of a scuffle.

Dsc 0005Climbersm

Dsc 0004Climbersm