I’ve been feeling VERY tired and not so healthy these days with restless baby nights. But we finally dragged ourselves out to pick up a Christmas tree. We’ve debated the real versus fake for the last few years and last year finally tried out our first fake tree, obtained free from someone else. It was huge and cumbersome and tedious to assemble. We dropped it off at Goodwill the day after Christmas.

This year again with the debate, we almost bought a real one until we found the cutest little fake one at Target. Its placed in the back, behind all the pricier ones. Narrow and a cinch to fold out. It packs into a tiny box, yet stands 6 feet. The best part…$13.99! The frugal girl that I am is absolutely giddy!

We had it up in about 30 seconds and decorated in 10 minutes. Its not something out of Martha Stewart Living but it good enough for our low standards. hahaha! So far it seems Simon isn’t too interested in yanking it apart.

Luke decided to sit nicely in the tree shot.

Dsc 0002Sm-8

had to add a close up of the freaky, retro doll angel on top. its a tradition for us:)

Dsc 0002Angelsm

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