yep, I cried like a baby

We had our first predator attack today and our favored red chicken was found dead behind the coop. Everything was fine just a short while earlier when I was out taking pics. She, of course, was at my ankles the whole time so I didn’t get any pics of her.

Something was amiss when I opened the door to give them some food scraps. no chickens came to my call, and I could see two hiding under a tree. Another was in the coop and two were missing. The red was lying dead behind the coop in a shroud of pulled feathers. I could tell from the peck damage around the neck it was a hawk. When jason came out to find out why I was blubbering at his office window, we both saw the hawk flying off with a trail of wild birds chasing it out of the area.

Thankfully, I did find the 2nd missing chicken hiding behind another tree. And they are all in the coop now.

This red was a feisty one, I had to show some alpha toughness a few times. She pecked me on the foot a few times and I held her to the ground by the neck to show her that was not acceptable. Nevertheless, she was ALWAYS the one to run to me and stay by my side. She took it for the team and I’m sad.

Dsc 0007Favchicksm-1

Dsc 0018 5Monthsm-2

Dsc 9030 July 2007Sm-1

2 Responses to “yep, I cried like a baby”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Awww…I am so sorry. She was a beauty!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh, that’s sad! I’m so sorry.
    That’s a great pic of her drinking out of the hose!

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