sometimes I hate how small the pics have to be in my blog. hmm, may need to change things up. Grandma Louise had a birthday today and turned 97. We are so blessed to have them in our lives and have them living just down the street.

This the absolute nicest woman you could ever meet. She is always smiling and gentle natured. I love hearing her thoughts and watching her interactions with the kids. My husband grew up spending every weekend with his grandparents and he is no doubt the man he is today because of it. (lucky for me and the kids!)

Dsc 0030Louise97Bwsm

Louise only had one baby and not until she was 42. Now look! We are trying to make up for lost breeding time. hahaha!

Dsc 0032Louise97Bwsm

The eldest of the family with the youngest.

Dsc 0041Louise97Bwsm

Grandpa Irwin, sitting amongst his computers. He’s always got a project going on. Jason still calls him first when he needs some electrical or “mechanical engineer” type advice.

Dsc 0028Irwinbwsm-1

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  1. StephanieS Says:

    SWEETEST pics & story ever! They look like such vibrant people. 🙂 Love the pics in b&w.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Happy Birthday to Grandma Louise! She’s five years younger than my grandma. My grandma didn’t have kids until later in life, too. She didn’t get married until she was 35, which was quite old back then to get married!

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