cloth diapers for sale

getting rid of all the fancy stuff and keeping just the basic prefolds and covers.

Fitteds, medium+ (snap on but need a cover)

Dsc 0065

Small fuzzibunz (pocket diaper, just stuff ’em with something absorbent and snap on) Only 3 left.

Dsc 0069

11 Petite toddler sized Fuzzibunz. Skip the mediums and use these all the way to potty training!

Dsc 0076

2 left, All in ones. Just snap them on, no cover needed no stuffing needed. Medium-large.

Dsc 0079

Large sized fuzzybunz, older style

Dsc 0084

2 Wool-in one’s, breathable wool. Naturally anti-microbial and 5 snap in soakers.

Dsc 0086

Fuzzibunz hemp/fleece inserts. Only 4 left.

Dsc 0088

fleece topped doublers. need a little extra absorbency?

Dsc 0089

med large, hemp night time prefold and a snappi.

Dsc 0090

3 Responses to “cloth diapers for sale”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I think we all eventually ditch the cutesy diapers that don’t work as well and stick with the good old prefolds.

  2. Cloth Diaper Diva Says:

    how much are you selling the FB for? I’ve been wanting to have a few to have on hand for “daddy”…

  3. Natalie Says:

    TAG…you’re it.

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