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Storm’s a brewin’

We’re supposed to get a crazy storm this weekend. all I can think of is my new lens better make it in the mail okay. I am thrilled beyond belief to finally get my big lens. I’ll be able to zoom in close at the dance productions. I’ve been wanting it for a long time and Santa is extra good to me this year. 😉

The kids in play. Can you see isaac squeezed in behind xander under that tv tray? Those two are joined at the hip. We laugh about how big the sofa is, yet they sit together on one end, with xander half on isaac’s lap.

Dsc 0002Xansm

I tried this mask on myself. not so cute.

Dsc 0006Sm-4

Can we hang this up now? damn that Target. It puts some sort of materialistic spell on me and I can’t leave without some ridiculous item I never imagined I’d be buying. I can’t wait to get it on the kid’s door! We are going to have FUN!

Dsc 0005Sm-4

awwww! Wanna have another one babe? We’ll start collecting them like knick knacks. 😀

Dsc 0016Sm-1


sometimes I hate how small the pics have to be in my blog. hmm, may need to change things up. Grandma Louise had a birthday today and turned 97. We are so blessed to have them in our lives and have them living just down the street.

This the absolute nicest woman you could ever meet. She is always smiling and gentle natured. I love hearing her thoughts and watching her interactions with the kids. My husband grew up spending every weekend with his grandparents and he is no doubt the man he is today because of it. (lucky for me and the kids!)

Dsc 0030Louise97Bwsm

Louise only had one baby and not until she was 42. Now look! We are trying to make up for lost breeding time. hahaha!

Dsc 0032Louise97Bwsm

The eldest of the family with the youngest.

Dsc 0041Louise97Bwsm

Grandpa Irwin, sitting amongst his computers. He’s always got a project going on. Jason still calls him first when he needs some electrical or “mechanical engineer” type advice.

Dsc 0028Irwinbwsm-1

Another stage production for Isaac

Isaac was involved in his second stage performance through the dance studio, “The Grinch.” He was a “cinnamon bear”, when all of Whoville celebrated the return of Christmas in the end.

After four performances in two days, he squeals “I LOVE BEING ON STAGE!!!!!” I am thinking we may need to investigate some children’s theater. He seems to be totally thrilled about stage performance and wants to continue dance for that reason. However, his ballet and tap shoes never leave the car between classes…which makes me think he may be about theater instead of dancing. We’ll see.

I really need to get a longer lens…still, but I suppose its not too difficult to find the boy in the group. 🙂

Dsc 0026Grinchsm

Dsc 0057Grinchsm

cloth diapers for sale

getting rid of all the fancy stuff and keeping just the basic prefolds and covers.

Fitteds, medium+ (snap on but need a cover)

Dsc 0065

Small fuzzibunz (pocket diaper, just stuff ’em with something absorbent and snap on) Only 3 left.

Dsc 0069

11 Petite toddler sized Fuzzibunz. Skip the mediums and use these all the way to potty training!

Dsc 0076

2 left, All in ones. Just snap them on, no cover needed no stuffing needed. Medium-large.

Dsc 0079

Large sized fuzzybunz, older style

Dsc 0084

2 Wool-in one’s, breathable wool. Naturally anti-microbial and 5 snap in soakers.

Dsc 0086

Fuzzibunz hemp/fleece inserts. Only 4 left.

Dsc 0088

fleece topped doublers. need a little extra absorbency?

Dsc 0089

med large, hemp night time prefold and a snappi.

Dsc 0090

Can we talk about my birthday?

My birthday was last Sunday. I turned the big thiiiiiiirrrrrttttty twoooooooooooooo.

Last month I gave Jason the heads up that I wanted arrangements made for the kids and a full on, seven course, fancy schmancy dinner at some fancy schmancy place for us. Its something I’ve always wanted to do. A chance to relax and take our time through a meal. A chance to enjoy wonderful flavors of gourmet food.

Upon reading reviews and taking recommendations, we went to a little reservation-only establishment called Genoa, on Belmont. It was a little intimidating at first because it was so small and formal. Jason and I sat down and had to admit we aren’t wine drinkers. shame of all shame! He got his orange spritzer and I got a pale ale.

The menu was all planned out for us, except for a couple choices we had to make for two of the entrees. I chose the rabbit and Jason went with the Rib eye. Everything sounds delicious!

The Chef’s Tasting Menu

First Course:

Onion Tart with Goat Cheese, Lardon, and Pepper Puree

Second Course:

Porcini Mushroom Veloute with Pears and Walnut Oil

Third Course:

Kabocha Squash Ravioli with Bone Marrow, Sage, and Candied Ginger

Fourth Course:

Duck Fat Poached Halibut with Chorizo, Orange, and Green Olives


Seared Sea Scallop with Salsify, Purple Cauliflower, and Watermelon

Fifth Course:

Pan-Roasted Muscovy Duck with Kohlrabi, Kale, and Marcona Almonds (This was a rabbit dish)


Montana Piedmontese Rib Eye with Celery Root Gratin, Pears, and Matsutake Jam


Porchetta of Suckling Pig with Candied Olives, Pickled Jalapenos, and Bacon Broth


Dessert Choices

Petit Fours

You would think we’d be in culinary heaven, but let me tell you. each one of those items were the size of a silver dollar on our plate, and some of it we didn’t like. Some of it we did like a lot, but who can get satisfied with one bite of it? For example, “your pasta dish this evening will be…(see third coarse)…” and yes, it was delicious, but on my plate was ONE small ravioli. Jason and I were giggling like kids in church. He says to me, mmm that steak was good, now go back in the kitchen and get the whole steak you cut that off of! It was literally two, tiny shavings of a steak. I didn’t know you could cut steak so thin.

Each item came out every half hour. By the time two hours had passed, we were still hungry, infact absolutely starving with all the teasing they were putting us through. We said forget the dessert and “petit fours” aka cheese and bread, we are outta here!

No joke, we paid the $200 bill and then drove through Taco bell and found sweet satisfaction for about $2 a piece.

I did get some nice cards form the kids and Jason took note of me rocking out to the new Britney Spears song on Myspace over and over and bought me the CD. bwahahahahaha!!!!!!

Our 7th anniversary is next weekend and we still have a sense of humor with each other. I luv him.

Isaac takes our pic…still need to get my light out of the bedroom.

Dsc 0020Birthdaysm

two more

Had to get one without the free Gap advertisement . But, dang I still like the other one better. Now I’m going to have to print it anyway.

Dsc 0002Sm-7

This is the pose they wanted. They were actually frozen in this pose (not caught in mid motion). I had to clarify if Isaac was yawning or if that was part of his “action figure” pose. Yep, not a yawn.

Dsc 0030Sm-4


Dsc 0062Bwsm

A little Simon

Simon cruises in while I snap photos of all the baby stuff we are selling. He’s such a happy boy. I want to butter up those thighs and eat ’em on toast!

Dsc 0057Smbw

Dsc 0004Sm-11

Dsc 0061Bwsm

almost 8 months

Simon got a super cute outfit in the mail today, thanks to my friend Kirsten, so I had to get a photo. He was frozen in his seat, staring at the chickens. One was nipping at my butt while I was getting the pic. Never a dull moment! haha!

Dsc 0010Sm-3