In the spirit of Halloween, I was pretending to be a zombie trying to get the kids. This lead to a little lesson on how to kill each type of scary creature, which lead to a little post-test on the material covered…

Me: so, quick, how do you kill a zombie?

Isaac: chop off his head.

Me: a werewolf?

Isaac: silver bullets.

Me: A vampire?

Isaac: a meat loaf…I mean steak through the heart.

Me: meat loaf? (explained what a “stake” is and both of us laughing hysterically)

I love that little guy. He makes me laugh every day with a real sense of humor, not just silly kid stuff. Like when he totally biffed it at the grocery store acting like a clown, balancing on the cart bumpers around the frozen food cases. He wasn’t hurt but it was obviously an embarrassing moment. I asked if he was okay and he bounce right up, with a little smirk on his face and says, “Never better!”

Maybe you had to be there, but Jason and I were rolling. A six year old trying to maintain his cool like that. Good stuff.

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