Meal plan Monday…on Saturday.

We are flush with groceries and its like an early Halloween. The unscholing philosophy is all about not restricting food choices. Supposedly if a food is not restricted or considered only for special times, kids won’t feel the need to gorge themselves on junk.

In our efforts to say “yes” more, we let them choose things at the grocery store. Xander had initially gorged himself with cookies last week and I wanted to pull back the restrictions again. Because he probably needs more time to adjust to the new freedoms, I decided to stay strong and forge on with the freestyle parenting.

They went hog-wild in the bulk candy section of the store today, but we realized we don’t need to buy huge bags of everything. We got tiny bags of what they wanted to try and they are happy. We also bought lots of yummy fruit from the farmer’s market and they love that too. Hopefully within time they will have tried everything and it won’t be such a novelty. I’ll keep you posted on that. lol

Okay…meals for this week:

MondayBaklava Salmon. Have you tried this? It is DIVINE!!! the sauce mixture could be used for any meat and it would be delicious! Try it.

Tuesday…Crock pot egg/sausage/potato breakfast.

Wednesday…Veggie lasagna

Thursday…home made pizza

Friday…some kind of soup. Got a good one?

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