no meal plan Monday but…

Its been a rice and beans kind of week, scraping together meals with what we have left in the cupboard, but I had to share the recipe I found tonight.

A Chicken Pot Pie, that does not call for store bought pastry dough. Very yummy! and ingredients we had on hand…well almost, jason had to make a run for the chicken. Technically we have chicken, but those aren’t for eating;)

We made up 8 little pies and stuck them in the freezer for tomorrow. mmmm! We’ll see if picky little eaters will try them just because they look like pie.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey ZOe,
    When we make Chicken Pot Pie (or as my kids call it “Chicken Butt Butt Pie” – it’s a story involving an episode of Just Shoot Me, I’ll elaborate if you’re curious), we use biscuits for the top. No bottom crust, just dump it in a baking dish, top with biscuits and bake. It’s an area of creativity for us – the biscuits are different shapes depending on mood.
    I also want to make a Chinese style CPP with baby corn, etc. in it. I’m not sure what to top it with tho. Wanton wrappers? Pot stickers? LOL.

  2. amey Says:

    That’s me talking about biscuit topping. Sorry for not “signing my work.”

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