Zoe’s dumb or dumber moment for 9/19

The kids and I went across the street to play in the nature area we have and got very excited to find the stream teeming with tadpoles! We, of course, ran home to get jars and caught ourselves five new friends to watch through the change.

When we got back home with them I started to investigate online what we will need to do to set up our habitat and keep them happy. It was starting to look like a lot more work that I had imagined…clean water that had been prepared days in advance, a plant for oxygen supply and frozen lettuce for food each day. But I was up for the challenge and figured out what items we would need to pick up.

Jason gets off work and comes upstairs. He takes one look at our tadpoles and says, “These are fish. Haven’t you ever seen a tadpole before?”

Wow, do I feel like an idiot!

Okay well, I took a picture as best I could. We have the biggest of the group here, and to the right is what the other four look like.

Whatever it is, its floating on its side now. That means we killed it in less than 24 hours. <sigh>

Dsc 0032Fishsm-1

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