Flash or go home!

My biggest photography goal this year was to get comfortable using the flash. Not the on board flash, but a speedlight that attaches to the hot-shoe on top. The manual has read like another language up until now, but my string of awful (personal snapshots) photography in low light situations has given me the nudge I needed to try again.

Another advantage is it can be used as a second light in my studio, which I badly need.

The past two nights have been spent taking snapshots inside, after the kids have gone to bed and testing the different settings. The manual is actually starting to make sense! Event photography may be in my future. yeah! LOL but its still baby steps.

You can see my starting point here…

First night, I finally figured out why the flash wasn’t exposing properly and finally got a subject. One of my usual metering modes does not work with flash.

Dsc 0018Rubysm-1

Changed it up again the next night and got an even bigger range of exposure. Who would think I had only the tiny bedside lamps on here? But still quite flat lighting. Maybe firing remotely will be just the ticket.

Dsc 0002Simonflashsm

and tonight I took dragged the kids into the studio to try using the flash remotely as a second light. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the settings right and will have to try again.

I’ll end up getting two more lights some day. I need a second light on the right, and a hair light/backdrop light. A little too dramatic at times with the single light and he disappears into the backdrop.

Ugh..having trouble getting it to look right on the web.

Dsc 0028Sixsm-2

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  1. Barbra Ackerman Says:

    Your cat is elegant and regal. What is his/her name? I want another pet.
    Good luck with the flash thing.

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