Meal Plan Monday 9/3/07

Update…I had to add in the link to the vegetarian lasagna. absolutely delicious and going down as Zoe’s lasagna from here on out! Thanks to “Mille” whoever that is.

Monday…was BBQ at my mom’s house

Tuesday…enchiladas and spanish rice (turning into a favorite for Jason)

WednesdayVegetable lasagna

Thursday…breakfast for dinner

Friday…pizza night

Saturday…spending the day out for Jason’s birthday (actually on the 10th) and eating out!

Sunday…improv night

I tried to squeeze in my lentils, navy beans or split peas somewhere in the week, but Jason gave the scoff of disapproval. Its almost his birthday, so he picked the dinners this week. I could seriously binge on the lentil loaf it is so yummy, especially with the hot sauce. Unfortunately, the the rest of the family does not feel the same way. waaaah! Its going to be a cheese filled week. Yikes!

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  1. Natalie Says:

    That menu looks great! The vegetable lasagna looks really good too. I made an eggplant parmesan that is like a lasagna and last week I made a zucchini lasagna that was great. I’ll post my recipes soon so you can see. Nothing wrong with a cheese filled week!

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