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I got a ring at the door this morning, just before 9:00am and my first thought was what kind of cajones this solicitor has to ignore my sweet new sign. But it was the neighbor letting me know one of my naughty red chickens had escaped and was across the street. Yep, there she was, doing her little chicken walk in a neighbor’s front yard.

And, of course it would be Drumstick, who NEVER lets me get close enough to pick up. She’s fast too! Jason and I corralled her back through the gate and saw that the yard debris bin was too close to the fence and she hopped right onto it and out the other side. We might not have figured that out, had she not left a little stinky clue sitting right on top of the bin.

Here she is giving me the eye…

Dsc 0020 5Monthsm-1

New tactic

Jason found this one on the web and its going up immediately. Nothing irritates me more than having someone come to my home, my sanctuary, unsolicited and asking for money.


He is way too nice and ends up wasting a lot of time talking to them, almost leading them on in a way. And I am way too mean.

A nice young looking girl came to the door today…

her: It looks like your windows are newer?

me: so (blank stare)

When I get a solicitation call I simply hang up by the time they get half a sentence out, but shutting the door on someone without saying a word is a bit more difficult. We’ve tried not answering at all, but the kids are loud and the knocking goes on for longer than I’d expect.

This neighborhood seems to attract solicitors every day, and I think I’ve already mentioned my feelings of creepiness toward the ice cream trucks? That music can be heard for an hour at a time some evenings!

Meal plan Monday

The first week of meal planning was a success! No more wondering what’s for dinner, and leftovers take care of lunch. The homemade pizza was surprisingly delicious, even with the part whole wheat crust and homemade sauce. We are going to make it a regular thing and have it every Friday.

Two things I discovered for the first time ever this week: cooking with yeast (apparently yeast is killed with water temps over 120. Now I know!), and cooking with ground turkey in place of ground beef. I used it in the enchiladas and it tasted great to us. I’ll be using that more!

So here’s our menu for this week…

Monday: Chicken Curry in a Hurry, over brown rice.

Tuesday: Crock Pot Chili.

Wednesday: Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese and veggie

Thursday: Red Lentil Soup and corn bread

Friday: Home made pizza

Saturday: Breakfast for dinner

Sunday: this day is relaxed. We eat whatever leftovers might still be in the fridge or a cheese. fruit and cracker plate.