a few more wedding photos…

Weeded through some more…

A couple more from Aundi, while I was kayaking. I thought this perspective was a hoot! He seems so big, but his face peeking out shows how little he still is.

Dsc 0126Sm

Dsc 0127Sm

The source of my 8 new pounds. Burrito Beach at the Chicago O’hare airport. It was my emotional support on three separate occasions. 🙂

Dsc 0004Sm-9

Aaron and his best man “relaxing” before the wedding at the cabin I stayed at.

Dsc 0030Sm-3

It was a beautiful view.

Dsc 0058Sm

And look how close the river was to the front door. I sorta fell off the porch and into a kayak with my pajama pants still on. I’m on vacation damnit! I can’t be bothered to get dressed!

Dsc 00591Sm

And the back view.

Dsc 0064Sm-1

Sam, rockin’ her vows. I managed to hear them over my mom wailing in my right ear. Okay, I was tearing up a bit myself.

Dsc 0031Sm-1

I had a little trouble with my color, but that’s what I get for sneaking in a shot while the photographer was distracted with something else.

Dsc 0052 Copy

The barn…fabulous!

Dsc 0059Sm

We don’t mess around. We owned that food table!

Dsc 0062Sm

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