Meal Plan Monday 8/13/07

Monday: Talapia, Rice a roni, veggie

Tuesday: Navy bean chowder (crock pot) and cheese rolls (gasp!)

Wednesday: Natalie’s enchilada’s with ground turkey, and spanish rice

Thursday: The “Momlette

Friday: Homemade pizza

Saturday: Crock pot chili (the other half of last weeks recipe I stuck in the freezer)

I think I’ll start adding in the snack foods we make too. (last week was banana bread and oatmeal cookies, and the week before that was zucchini bread). This week will be:

Big soft pretzels, and we still have the “stay fresh oatmeal cookies”

We also have a big watermelon we are eating away at.

I’m not sure if its all this nummy food we’re eating or what, but I’ve hit a plateau in my weight loss for a couple weeks now. I am a calorie counter and have religiously documented every morsel and stayed within my range. <sigh> I would hate to have to lower my cals any more, but it may be what I have to do.

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  1. Kathleen Says:

    Just shake things up for a week or two. Sometimes eating a few more cals for a week, and exercising a bit more (or differently) really helps. That is how you get off plateau’s. Trick your body into thinking you are doing something different. Keep up the great work. I need to follow in your footsteps. Plan is to lose 30 by wedding day! I have less than 9 months now.

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