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Hot day and fun at the beach

We let the hens out to graze…

Dsc 9027 July2007Sm

(the fresh water in the bowl is never as good as the last few drops left in the hose)

Dsc 9030 July 2007Sm

…then headed to the beach.

Dsc 9040Sm

Dsc 9044Sm

See the rocky edge of this dune? Xander thought it would be cool to sprint down it and tumble to a screeching halt just before diving over.

Dsc 9060Sm

Dsc 9061Sm

After the kids proved themselves too little for independent play on the dunes, I traded off and held Simon while Jason went up with them. I guess I was too slow:(

Dsc 9063Sm

More Jason creation

Not only the fruit of his loins (ha!), but I was referring to his photography work here.

Dsc 0020Sm-3

Isaac spends a huge portion of the day holding a Transformer up and creating an imagined world of battle around it, with hand motioned explosions and an orchestra of sound effects. He’s passed this on to Xander, so now we have a duet of these sounds.

Dsc 0021Sm-1

J-dogg sews up some Roman Shades

Is there anything this man cannot do??

The kids were waking up at the crack of dawn, with all the light that pours through the windows. We made a trip to the fabric store and bought some black out fabric along with some other fixin’s for some roll up Roman shades.

We left out some crucial elements to ensure a nice fan fold draw, but I still think they work well enough for our needs.

Dsc 0010-1

Dsc 0011

Dsc 0024

Dsc 0027