Four month weight loss photos

I’m finally turning that corner of actually looking thinner. Amazingly, I still have quite a chunk of weight to lose yet. I’m anticipating reaching final goal weight in the fall. Definitely by my birthday in November. We can have another awesome weekend in the city…but this time not come home with a party favor! wink wink, know what I mean? LOL

Also, I learned of the hispanic tradition of shaving babies heads at a couple months of age. How could it be I am just learning about this?? Jason and I shaved Simon’s head, since it was resembling the “elephant man” with the long patches and bare spots. His buzz is already growing back in nicely! I wish I had known to do this with Isaac when he was a baby. His was terrible!

Dsc 0009Sm-4

Dsc 0003Sm-8

3 Responses to “Four month weight loss photos”

  1. omi Says:

    “who’s that lady?” Lookin good lookin fine!

  2. Adria Says:

    I can definitely see a difference. You look really good. And Simon is just adorable!

  3. barbra Says:

    Wow! Good work. You’re looking fine!

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