The Impossible Quiz

This game is quite clever and I can’t stop playing! I got to #59 last night and haven’t tried again today. There is a Youtube cheat that takes you up to #80, I will be needing.


Here is the answer key, if you haven’t found it yet. Jason got up to 105 last night. So painfully close! lol


A combined effort by Omi and Jason:


Take that, bitches!

UPDATE 3 (Jason):

Okay, to be fair, we did use the answer list to get through the game, but it isn’t called the “Impossible Quiz” for nothing. It wasn’t cheating really, as even with the answers, it’s still quite, if not incredibly difficult there towards the end. The last “Epic 10” are almost all timed and even knowing how to do them doesn’t make them much easier. While you can cheat with the asteroids one (#86) using the “bridge” method, that doesn’t work on the moving road (#106). That one takes a quick, but smooth hand on the mouse. And for #108, you just have to be FAST.

Could we have done it without cheating? Yeah, probably, but we seemed to be spending an awful amount of time on the game and we just wanted our lives back.


eh-hem…Jason? sounding a little feisty there. you’re hot….grrrrr! Now go try it again blind folded.

5 Responses to “The Impossible Quiz”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    Now half of us at work are addicted to this

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    They cheated …
    Thanks for sharing that

  3. Kathleen Says:

    That makes me feel a bit better knowing there WAS cheating involved. I had gotten to the horse before I couldn’t figure any of them out. Not far, I know. I will go back and play some more later…but you are right, it takes up your lives and is totally addicting!

  4. Jeffrey Says:

    This quiz is like crack.
    I’m going to have to look at the answers to get my life back. I haven’t slept in three days. Work, do quiz, shower, work, do quiz, shower…. I need HELP!!!

  5. zoe Says:

    You guys are so funny! The team effort works out really good because you can take turns getting back up to where you were when you bit it;)

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