Eight random facts…alrighty here ya go

1. I once was a “carny.” At age 16, I worked the games at the local carnival for about a week. I was appalled to learn the games were all rigged, or nearly , mathematically impossible. After getting scolded for three people winning one of the impossible games (three stacked bottles knocked down with a softball) because I let them throw from an angle, I was really disgusted. After that, I pocketed about $20 each day and “treated” myself to lunch. I figured it was already stolen money. haha!

2. I smoked cloves and thought I was pretty cool for about 6 months, during my 23rd year. I think that was when I aged ten years in one. Luckily it was also the year I met Jason and he made me cut it out. Thank God.

3. I also love potty humor and reciting, while pointing to respective body parts…”milk, milk, lemonade, round the corner fudge is made.” will always crack me up. Third grade was the best!

4. I hate to cook but love to eat. I once took a Thai cooking class, thinking I could save a lot of money by making it myself. After the class, I had a new excuse to get take out several times a week, because I told myself it was cheaper than going to the specialty store and buying all the ingredients and spices.

5. Favorite movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Danny Deck Chair, Murial’s Wedding, Shirley Valentine…and more recently “300” and Pan’s Labrinth.

6. Low maintenance girl? Yep. Although recently I had my first and second (gasp!) pedicure, in an attempt to polish my image a bit. I’m not sure if it helped, but it is nice to be pampered a little. If I could just get over the weird feeling of having someone practically sitting on the floor and taking care of my feet. It makes me feel so guilty, even after I hand over my $25 plus tip.

7. My side of the bed is always closest to the door. In our last house it was on the left side and in this house its on the right side. I’m not sure why but there ya go. fact number seven.

8. My best life moment so far is meeting Jason. We had a blind date arranged for dinner. He was only five minutes late, but by minute one I had decided he wasn’t showing up (girls and their low self esteem!) so I ordered my salad and dinner without him. Four minutes later, when he did show up, I had already scarfed down most of my HUGE salad and had a bite of bread stuffed in my mouth. He had to stand and wait a few seconds for me to finish chewing before I could say hello. Geesh! What piggy I am!

Whew! I usually pass these things up, but my loyal commenter asked and I couldn’t say no. 🙂

3 Responses to “Eight random facts…alrighty here ya go”

  1. omi Says:

    I have to totally agree about the pedicure. I was looking at the girl doing my feet the whole time thinking, ” I feel so sorry for you right now. You’re even prettier then I am, I should be doing your feet”. Maybe I won’t feel so bad if I have shaved legs next time!

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    Thanks for doing that and being so open. I loved the facts you picked. They help create a fuller picture of you — especially the carny one. I never would have guessed.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    My side of the bed is also always the closest to the door. But I know why. We’ve arranged it like that because my husband likes to keep his clothes all over the floor by his side of the bed, and this way I don’t have to look at them!

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