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The big show day

Took some portraits of Isaac in his costume. The show was fabulous and Isaac and Xander are looking forward to continuing next year.

Dsc 0010Sm-1

Dsc 0004Sm-7

arms not long enough for this…

snuggle time…

Dsc 00144Sm

hmmm, not so great, but here’s the video

Click on the image to play the movie. Be patient, they’re backstage and come out after a few seconds or so.

Show time!

Isaac’s ballet/tap class is having their recital this weekend. We were only allowed to film/photograph during the rehearsal and like a total doof I brought the wrong lens for the job. Jason took some video, so we’ll get some closer shots with that.

Isaac had no fear! He made his mama (and papa!) proud.

Dsc 0003Tapsm

Dsc 0007Tapsm

Dsc 0027Tapsm


I should wear that tee shirt that reads “I’m blogging this” so my friends will be forewarned our get-togethers will be on the internet shortly after. Well, only the ones that include absolutely adorable baby cuteness such as Pablo…

Dsc 0003Pablosm

Dsc 0005Pablosm

Six months old. I could eat him on a hamburger bun.

Dsc 0006Pablosm-1

My friend Andra:)

Dsc 0007Pablosm

Are these months flying by?

Three months. Still a plus sized mama and I start back at work this weekend <sigh>. All is going in the right direction though. 12 hour shifts are going to be rough getting used to again. Luckily, I’m spoiled and only have to work every other weekend

Dsc 0004Sm-6

Dsc 0015Sm-3

Simon yoga

Jason just got back from a week long business trip (I won’t go into the details of how the house completely falls apart without him, because he is the better parent…shhhhhh!), and he brought home a baby gift from his very cool boss.

Here is Simon doing his leg exercises in the new Onsie. Click image to biggie size:)

Baby Yoga Sm

how’s your comprehension?

Isaac says to me:

Mommy, if you were wanting your piggy bank from up high and I was bigger than you and not feeding Simon but said that I would not get it down for you, would you be not happy?

I think he had even more parts to that sentence than I could remember. I like how he added in the “not feeding Simon” missing the whole point that I was feeding Simon.

Dr. Who

I stumbled upon an episode of Dr. Who on PBS tonight. It is such a sweet show! I used to watch it when this guy was the Doctor…


The rainbow coat and blonde fro, the sixth Dr. Who. I had to look it up and it says he ran from ’84-’86, so I was about 10-11 years old. I guess we had just gotten a TV for the first time in my life, so even Dr. Who was totally cool. It must have been a Saturday night TV allowance because all I remember of TV those days was Dr. Who, Monty Python and Portland Wrestling. It was the PBS Saturday night line up.

Aside from the childhood nostalgia, the new series does look good. And feast your eyes on the current (ninth) doctor…

Eccleston 396X222

One sexy bloke:) It looks like I’ll be netflixing to catch up. Its in the third season, with only two episodes left.

Transformer “statue”

Isaac made this “statue” (as he calls it) with several transformers:

Optimus (original)

Optimus (new movie version)



two minicons names unknown

I thought it was pretty cool. One month until the new Transformers movie comes out and we can’t wait!

Dsc 0008Sm-7