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backyard fun in the sun


Dsc 0001Isaacsm

Is there any hope for our backyard? Its a great place for kids and chickens though. Isaac is just a few days away from finishing up kindergarten and the weather is gorgeous. I’ve been adding in some exercise the last couple weeks and looking forward to some great hikes. Jason gets tired of my favorite hike in the city park, so maybe we’ll mix it up with a few day trips around the state.

About an hour ago you could have seen me up on that deck attempting to jump rope with a kid’s cheapo jump rope. too short and too lightweight. I don’t know what happened to my old school plastic beaded rope, but its going to be another trek to Target to buy a new one.

Dsc 00044Sm

Memorial day weekend at the beach

We had a relaxing weekend at Canon Beach. A little walking, a little biking, a little hot tubbing and a lot of nothing at a cozy condo we rented. Jason and I even brought the third Godfather movie we Netflixed and finished out the trilogy.

Dsc 0002Sm-6

Dsc 0003Sm-5

Dsc 0011Sm-1

Dsc 0002 2Sm

Dsc 0006 2Sm

Dsc 0015 2Sm

Xander and the flock

He’s overcome his fear of the chickens and collected the eggs all on his own. He knows he can send them all running down the stairs with one shove of his T-Rex boot.

Dsc 0011 5-24Sm

Dsc 0008Sm-6

Naughty red chickens part two

How do they get up there?? I have yet to grab my camera quick enough to capture the proud strut across the roof, but here is the dismount. I can’t imagine the fat chicken scaling the 2×4 brace of the door framing, but how else could they get up there?

Dsc 0005Flysm

Dsc 0006Flysm

Dsc 0007Flysm

The birthday loot

Spread out for assembly…

Dsc 0007Sm-4

Dsc 0008Sm-5

Happy birthday Isaac!

We had a little party at home today. All my brothers and sister came and the cousins and his friend Chandler with my friends Becki and Rachel. Little Olivia came too. It was a nice gathering!

Make a wish!

Dsc 0001Sm-6

“I want to open some of these presents too!”

Dsc 0012Sm-3

Can we all fit?

Dsc 0039Sm

Could they be related to ME? Why yes, they could. My sister Omi and brother Aaron.

Dsc 0045Sm

The group photo. Oscar and Eli are sporting their new glasses.

Dsc 0057Sm

Should I feel guilty about taking the group photo on the corner of my front yard, while this was going on behind me? Some poor transient was making a ruckus in the nature area behind the neighbor’s yard and was hauled off. I hope he was okay.

Dsc 0063Sm

We’re heading out to try out Isaac’s new bike, than back inside to break out the new Playmobil castle. Its a great day!


Happy mother’s day from my three boys. 😉 I love this e-card site You can really feel the love, more than any other email greetings I’ve seen.

Hol Md 1

Hol Md 2

Hol Md 5

not that much difference from last month…

but, still keeping my monthly photos going. Two months of growing for Simon and losing for me.

Dsc 0025Sm-2

My brother Casey and my lovely sister-in-law Aundi took a family photo of us in the park.

Dsc 0046Sm-2

Aren’t Casey and Aundi a good looking couple!

Dsc 0059Smbw

For mother’s day…

The kids drew me a picture and signed a fun card, Jason bought me some girly earrings. But the best part of my day was when Jason broke it down and sang me one of my fav songs “Wifey” by Next. And then we made crazy, passionate love.

“…from braids to weave, skirt or jean…you’re still my queen.”

*some parts of this post may be fictional

**Karaoke Babe?

Another year for my Iz man