Isaac takes up photography

I’ve let Isaac go nuts with the Nikon D70. Its set to auto and he’s just getting used to holding the camera and triggering the shutter while using the “back button focus” (a button on the back of the camera set to lock in focus when pressed, as opposed to the usual halfway press of the shutter release button).

The last two days he has taken over 300 photos of just about everything around our house and yard; the chickens, the chicken poop, his brothers, his toys, the clutter, etc.

Tomorrow, we’ll go through them together and decide what is worthy of keeping, format the card and start fresh with a SMALLER card. A five year old does not need a 2GB card. Maybe if he had less space on his compact flash card, he’d think twice about the 15 images of the same blob of chicken poo? 😉 Or maybe not. Its his art! lol

here’s a few of the chicken shots that caught my eye.

Dsc 8788Sm

Dsc 8774Sm

Dsc 8842Sm

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