Someone’s going loco

Yesterday, Jason was looking in the fridge for the jam and it was nowhere to be found. So, he looks up in the cupboard and there it is next to the peanut butter. He gives me the ‘ol disgusted eye roll, and I laugh that it seems like something I could definitely have done. The nearly empty jar gets tossed and a brand new jar is opened.
The very next day…
I look in the fridge for the jam, and again it is not in there. Yup, once again it is up in the cupboard. This time I see that it is on the top shelf, that I usually ignore because its too high for me.
So, it was Jason all along who should get the ‘ol disgusted eye rolling with a generous side of verbal scoffing.
This is about the most fun we get lately, and it was damn hilarious. I wish we had more jam!

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