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Isaac takes up photography

I’ve let Isaac go nuts with the Nikon D70. Its set to auto and he’s just getting used to holding the camera and triggering the shutter while using the “back button focus” (a button on the back of the camera set to lock in focus when pressed, as opposed to the usual halfway press of the shutter release button).

The last two days he has taken over 300 photos of just about everything around our house and yard; the chickens, the chicken poop, his brothers, his toys, the clutter, etc.

Tomorrow, we’ll go through them together and decide what is worthy of keeping, format the card and start fresh with a SMALLER card. A five year old does not need a 2GB card. Maybe if he had less space on his compact flash card, he’d think twice about the 15 images of the same blob of chicken poo? 😉 Or maybe not. Its his art! lol

here’s a few of the chicken shots that caught my eye.

Dsc 8788Sm

Dsc 8774Sm

Dsc 8842Sm

SuperFoods Rx

I’m not sure how this book disappeared from my blog. But its another great read that has changed my thinking forever. Read it!

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A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-First Century

Update: Apparently the author is LDS and the book has some major Mormon undertones. I, myself, am not LDS…and should still be able to appreciate the good ideas about mentoring and reading the classics (which I do!), so why did my cheeks burn when I learned the connection?


By Oliver Van DeMille. This book is blowing my mind! Jason and I have had some issues with the virtual charter school we’ve been using for Isaac’s kindergarten year, and this book articulates our concerns so perfectly.

We will be going to straight homeschool next year, and forging our own way. Well, not our own way. We’ll be lead by the inspiration of this and many more books and community resources.

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Nobody likes a showoff…

…but, I am admittedly impressed this morning! In fact, I think this chicken should take a few days off to recover.

Update: We got another huge egg today. Both eggs were double yolkers. Unfortunately the second egg was cracked. It must have fell with a *thud* lol. I swear I’m not feeding these hens crazy things. We must have super worms in the yard.

Dsc 0004Eggssm

Dsc 0005Eggssm

Jason and I grow up

We finally ditched the hollywood bed frame and bought ourselves a grown up bed. The next step is some new photo art on the walls and some “new” furniture I bought to refinish with funky paint and hardware.
Dsc 0008Smbw
Dsc 0039Smbw

One month

In keeping with my monthly (pregnancy, and now weight loss) progression photos, we snapped the first post-partum fat pic tonight. Its not pretty. The hair is a bit nappy and the general appearance frumpy, but this is me with a newborn. Just gettin’ my groove. Only two outfits to get me through this first size.
Dsc 0021Sm
And a few close ups, for fun.
Dsc 0022Sm-3
Dsc 0029Sm-4

Its hard holding that head up!
Dsc 0030Sm-2

Biding his time, until he can take over the world

Dsc 0003 1Monthsmbw-1
Dsc 0006 1Monthsmbw
Dsc 0010 1Monthsmbw
Dsc 0005 1Monthsmbw-1
Dsc 0009 1Monthsm-1

Someone’s going loco

Yesterday, Jason was looking in the fridge for the jam and it was nowhere to be found. So, he looks up in the cupboard and there it is next to the peanut butter. He gives me the ‘ol disgusted eye roll, and I laugh that it seems like something I could definitely have done. The nearly empty jar gets tossed and a brand new jar is opened.
The very next day…
I look in the fridge for the jam, and again it is not in there. Yup, once again it is up in the cupboard. This time I see that it is on the top shelf, that I usually ignore because its too high for me.
So, it was Jason all along who should get the ‘ol disgusted eye rolling with a generous side of verbal scoffing.
This is about the most fun we get lately, and it was damn hilarious. I wish we had more jam!

And my little Xander

Dsc 0014Xansm2
Dsc 0008Xansm

What is this face?

Dsc 0002Sm2