First Egg!!!!!!!!

One of the Red chickens, “Rusty,” has been acting a little funny. She was trying to sleep in the nest boxes the last few nights, and I’ve been kicking her out and putting her back on the perch. Well, our handsome nephew, Ivan, was visiting today and witnessed the glorious occasion, we’ve been waiting for. Our first beautiful, brown egg!
The kids ran in to tell us and, sure enough, one tiny egg, still warm from laying, was in the nesting box. I was expecting the first few to be out in the yard somewhere. Nope! And good thing, because (as I was told) the first eggs are tiny. I’d have a hard time spotting this little thing in the yard.
Here’s Ivan with his find…
Dsc 0012 Firstegg Sm
Dsc 0009 Firsteggsm
I can’t believe how excited I am, like we just had another baby! haha! My chickens are growing up, and I’m so proud.
Update...I just fried up the tiny egg and it is DELICIOUS!!! The yolk is a rich orange color and very tasty. We look forward to another egg tomorrow.

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  1. Jeffrey Says:

    You and Jason should set a remote web camera in you chicken coop

  2. Barbra Says:

    OMG! Ivan is so big. When did he grow up? He looks so tough with that egg, like he is going to destroy it.
    Backyard fresh eggs. It’s the way to go. So many people I work with are doing the same.

  3. Terri Jones Says:

    Zoe, it will be a suprise to hear from me , I very rarely get on the computer, so here goes. congatulations for your new addition to your family! Your boys are sure growing. I love your pictures.
    I missed saying good bye to you when I left, it was a hard decision to leave after sooooo many years working with the same group of people. I don”t miss the work at all ,just the people.
    I”m interested in a family photo, just Lew me and the girls very casual. The trick will be getting us all to gether. anyway Ilona is getting married and we are looking for a photographer, any recomendations? I talked to your Mom and she said you did not do wedding photos . we do not have a date yet, just looking at costs., ect.
    What a fun thing to have the chickens. Your becoming a regular little farmer!
    Have fun with your family. Take care Terri

  4. Harriet Linn-Thomas Says:

    Hi Zoe: My computer is in the shop so I am using the one at work. I love your web site and pictures and your sense of humor. I am going on vacation the last of this month and when I return I may be able to help your with your jam shortage. I have berries in the freezer. Let me know if you want that. Call me if you get a minute. Love your family they are beautiful!

  5. Harriet Linn-Thomas Says:

    Zoe: oops forgot to give you my phone number-503-359-7979 and work of course is 503-681-1265

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