A little poultry T&A to cheer me up

I was getting a little depressed yesterday, feeling fed up with being pregnant. My 39 week appointment was with Negative Nurse Practitioner, and she seems to think there is something I can do about gaining five pounds every week, and getting as huge as a house. I don’t know why I am blessed with such wonderful pregnancies?? But, as I said last time, I am sho-as-hell not doing this again!
Going outside and talking to my chickens is very relaxing. They flock around me like my own little fan club…except then the flocking turns into a peck fest when I sit down with them, and I end up smacking them in the chest. The little bastards like to go for my ring, or anything really. I let ’em know who’s boss.
The Buff chicks are a lot prettier, I think, but no pics of them today.
Dsc 0020 5Monthsm
Dsc 0015 5Monthsm
Dsc 0018 5Monthsm

3 Responses to “A little poultry T&A to cheer me up”

  1. omi Says:

    so….all girls?

  2. zoe Says:

    oh no. The verdict is still out on the one Buff. It’ll be another month before the first crow.

  3. Jeffrey Says:

    Chicken T&A puts a smile on all our faces.

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