The schizKNIT

I must be the world’s slowest knitter, but check out this knitting sweetness!
Two “umbilical” baby hats from Stitch ‘N Bitch, and a pair of wool soaker pants from Fern & Faerie. The pants turned out a little big. They are supposed to be used as a diaper cover, over our cloth diapers. Maybe I can shrink them up a little.
Dsc 0004Knitssm
Dsc 0009Knitssm
Dsc 0014Knitssm

3 Responses to “The schizKNIT”

  1. zoe Says:

    Then you told me about a certain scarf getting shredded by your dogs, shortly after given to you? It took all the strength I had to give Chris that Alien scarf I spent six months on. Bwaaaahahaha!

  2. omi Says:

    That first scarf was a test scarf…now that I know the dogs will rip it up, the one you give me will be stored in a steel safe anytime I am not wearing it and snuggling up to it and thinking about what a loving sister I have. Now git to knittin

  3. omi Says:

    hold up….I put in a request for a hat, scarf and gloves a long time ago. I know these are for a baby an all, but come on…. *sniffle* I used to be your little baby *sniffle* I still hold record for baby girl ; )

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