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First Egg!!!!!!!!

One of the Red chickens, “Rusty,” has been acting a little funny. She was trying to sleep in the nest boxes the last few nights, and I’ve been kicking her out and putting her back on the perch. Well, our handsome nephew, Ivan, was visiting today and witnessed the glorious occasion, we’ve been waiting for. Our first beautiful, brown egg!
The kids ran in to tell us and, sure enough, one tiny egg, still warm from laying, was in the nesting box. I was expecting the first few to be out in the yard somewhere. Nope! And good thing, because (as I was told) the first eggs are tiny. I’d have a hard time spotting this little thing in the yard.
Here’s Ivan with his find…
Dsc 0012 Firstegg Sm
Dsc 0009 Firsteggsm
I can’t believe how excited I am, like we just had another baby! haha! My chickens are growing up, and I’m so proud.
Update...I just fried up the tiny egg and it is DELICIOUS!!! The yolk is a rich orange color and very tasty. We look forward to another egg tomorrow.

Working on our baby announcement

Dsc 0027 10Daysbw3X2Sm

Dsc 0017 10Daysm

Maybe I’ll hit the gym tomorrow…maybe

And I lost about 30 pounds this week! Whew, that was a tough one. If I keep up at that rate, I’ll be at goal in two more weeks. hahahah! Depressing…
Dsc 0020 6Daysm
The primer is on! I should be able to reveal the colors after tomorrow.
Dsc 0002Coopsm

Can’t. help. myself.

Dsc 0035 3Daysbw
Dsc 0032 3Daysmbw
Dsc 0020 3Daysbw
Dsc 0031 3Daysbw
Dsc 0021 3Daysm
Dsc 0022 3Daysm
Dsc 0013 3Daysm
Dsc 0044 3Daysm

Here we go, baby obsession.

Our first venture out, as a family of five today. It always seems a little wrong to take a brand new baby to the germ infested doctor’s office, but that’s what we did.
After his appointment, we stopped at the fat girl store and I picked up a pair of fat girl jeans and a couple fat girl shirts. Can I just say how awesome it feels to not be pregnant?! Even though I am about 70 pounds bigger than I was, I feel so much better and the weight loss journey can begin. Just knowing the numbers on the scale will be going down, instead of up, is such a relief.
And here is my sweet baby today, at 2 days old. Isaac can’t get enough of his new brother.
clicky click…
Dsc 0017 2Daysm Dsc 0018 2Daysm
Dsc 0009 2Daysm Dsc 0007 2Daysm

Fuzzy monkey number three!

After a long night and day of sporadic contractions at home, things picked up at about 11:00pm last night. We decided to load up the kids and head to the hospital.
I felt like the pain was getting serious, but figured we’d get there in time to hang out in the room, watch some SNL, while working through some more contractions. I wanted to go in as late in the game as possible, but didn’t want to hit the panic stage at home.
Amazingly, we arrived just in time, because we checked in at midnight…and the contractions piled on without relief until Simon flew into the world one hour later. Because he came out so fast and decided to bring a hand out up by his face, he bruised on the cheek and around his eyes. But, all is good and he is feeding like a champ! Such a quiet little guy. Isaac and Xander are both loving their new brother.
We were eager to get home, and got to check out later the same day. My best labor and delivery yet! Although, once again, after a non medicated labor and delivery, I curse that Eve for biting the apple and ruining labor for all women henceforth. I can never get over how freakin’ mind blowing the pain is. My screams must have been heard quite some distance.
blah blah blah…I know, you just want to see some pics already…
Dsc 0098Sm-1
Dsc 0089Sm-1
Dsc 0110Sm-1

He’s a-Comin’

Simon Maximus

Zoe began having contractions early this morning around 3am and they’ve continued throughout the day. Still too early to go to the hospital, so we’re just hanging out at home. It’s a good opportunity for me to do some chores and make sure everything is packed and ready, so when it’s time, we can just hop in the car and go.

More to come…

UPDATE (10:30pm): Well, it’s been nearly 20 hours now since things first got going and it is what it is. For several hours today, contractions pretty much subsided, down to only a couple/three per hour. We even got out to run an errand or two and grab some fast food. The contractions are now picking back up again in frequency and intensity, so that may mean an early morning trip to the hospital. Either way, it’s likely to be a long night.


A little poultry T&A to cheer me up

I was getting a little depressed yesterday, feeling fed up with being pregnant. My 39 week appointment was with Negative Nurse Practitioner, and she seems to think there is something I can do about gaining five pounds every week, and getting as huge as a house. I don’t know why I am blessed with such wonderful pregnancies?? But, as I said last time, I am sho-as-hell not doing this again!
Going outside and talking to my chickens is very relaxing. They flock around me like my own little fan club…except then the flocking turns into a peck fest when I sit down with them, and I end up smacking them in the chest. The little bastards like to go for my ring, or anything really. I let ’em know who’s boss.
The Buff chicks are a lot prettier, I think, but no pics of them today.
Dsc 0020 5Monthsm
Dsc 0015 5Monthsm
Dsc 0018 5Monthsm

No in between with this kid…

If I can catch him in focus, his face is either ‘tude or goofy.
Dsc 0060Small
Dsc 0030Small

Or his mouth is yakin’ away…

My little “Snaggletooth”
Dsc 0061Small