Parenting rebels (slackers) success

Despite our attempts to not follow the “rules” of parenting, these kids seem to reach milestones all on their own. We refuse to potty train…well, I show them the toilet and step stool and say have at it whenever it suits your fancy. Because I believe it’s all about physical readiness and nothing to do with “training.” We also let the kids sleep in our bed from day one, and told nay-sayers they’d sleep in our bed until they are 18 and than Jason and I will “cry it out.”
Nevertheless, both kids have been loving their own room and beds for the last year, and now Xander is totally accident free, for three weeks now, day and NIGHT!!! It is so weird to not have any diapers to change this last month. Of course, that will all change soon.
Time is creeping along for me now. All is going well, since I quit working and started taking it easy. We could go another two weeks, making it to my official due date…March 17.
Xander’s fracture must be healing up quickly. He flung off the sling after the second day, and is cruising around the house. He has figured out how to keep the one arm close to his body and pull up onto things with his other arm. He still manages to beat on Isaac with his one good arm, and then he gets to run to me and tattle that Isaac made him hurt his shoulder again. Nice.

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