Parallel to the clown phobia…

…is the mascot/character costume people phobia. They really freak me out, almost as much as clowns. They can see us, but we can’t see them…and, where exactly am I supposed to look at them? At the big character eyes? The sudden inhibition to cuddle on my children, like its okay for a complete stranger to do so, really creeps me out too.
Sadly, my kids both run to them with open arms every single time.
I’m watching you Red Robin! One questionable move and I will come down on you so fast, you won’t know what hit you. One move!
Red Robin Scan

5 Responses to “Parallel to the clown phobia…”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    I don’t think the link worked… if it didn’t, see the mascot for yourself by going here ….

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    I’m with you on the mascot people. In Wilmington, Del., near where I live, the minor league baseball team even has a Mr. Celery. I’m not shitting you. See for yourself.

  3. Kathleen Says:

    Wow…Jeffrey, celery?
    Okay Zoe, this clown thing, I find hilarious, but I know that people really do have these fears. Now that you pointed out some questions in your head…like where to look, and they can see you but you can’t see them…I understand now how there can be a fear. I personally don’t have a fear, but now I understand your fear.

  4. zoe Says:

    Nice, Jeffrey. How about a website featuring all kinds of clowns now? My own little shop of horrors. LOL I completely blame my parents for letting me watch scary movies like Poltergeist and The Funhouse at the age of 6 and 7. Both movies seem so cheesy now, but not at that age. Scarred for life!!!!

  5. A Says:

    And those stories about how characters at disneyland were grabbing and groping girls, i think it was goofy. Could you even imagine being groped by goofy?!? Do you think it gives you an insight into the people who volunteer? CREEPY!!!

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