Pregnancy update

Per my usual pattern, preeclamsia has started to set in and I am gaining about 4 pounds of swelling every week. Not pretty, my friends. After an hour of activity, I am short of breath and feeling miserable. 🙁
My blood pressure is creeping up and I am ordered to lay down often, with doctor’s appointment weekly. I’ve officially taken my maternity leave from both my job at the hospital and my photography business, until June. If we follow the same pattern as we did with our last baby, we could be coming home with baby #3 in two weeks.
My next pregnancy photo is due on Saturday, and it will be done…the metamorphosis is nearly complete. Let me see if I can dig up the first time I went through this. Poor, poor Jason. It was our first year of marriage and he had to watch his new bride balloon up 80 pounds. And then do it again…and again. What can I say? I do an EXTREME yo yo diet. 😀
photos coming soon…

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  1. Kathleen Says:

    Oh Zoe. I prayed this wouldn’t happen this time. You kept telling me it would. Get plenty of rest, make sure he cooks in there a little while longer. Don’t want a raw bird. Hehe. I know he isn’t a bird. I am so silly.
    Well, I am sure since you have been through this before, you are old hat at it. Let me know if I can anything for you. Anything being 3000 miles away….just let me know! 🙂

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