I just found a treasure of unread comments

After switching over to WordPress, from Movable Type, I guess there are a few bugs to work out. Jeffrey, once again, alerted me to a comment problem. THANK YOU!!! I found my way into the WordPress site moderation page and found a load of unread comments.
My own brother and sis-in-law, Jeffrey, and new chicken friends like Elizabeth, have been stuck in a comment check point. Sorry guys!
It really made my day to read all the comments. 🙂
Jason will help me see about turning off the filter, so the comments will show up immediately. But, at least I now know where to check.

3 Responses to “I just found a treasure of unread comments”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Hey Zoe. Glad to hear our comments aren’t gone forever. I am not sure if any of mine were in never-comment-land, but still good to hear.
    On a different note. I leave for Maryland tomorrow. I can’t wait. Well, I can, and I will. However, still very excited. Sorry we never got a chance to get together before I left, I wish we could have. Hope your pregnancy goes smoothly, I can’t wait to see the little guy. Maybe in between assignments, I will have to make a trip over to see you guys.

  2. zoe Says:

    Hey good luck with your new job!!!! I was going to try and limp through one last shift today, but the swelling and shortness of breath is getting bad with activity. I’m going to have an ultrasound to make sure the problem isn’t too much amniotic fluid. I’m losing my income a lot sooner than I’d hoped, so its back to frugal living. 🙂 Wooohooo!

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    I’d wondered what was up with comments! I still don’t understand it, but that’s okay. 😉
    Well, can we help you out by getting some photos taken sometime soon? Though I’m not sure when–my husband is crazy busy right now and probably will be until….um….the summer. But we’ll try to figure something out!

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