Cozy shack

The fantastic five: Can you guess which one is looking rooster-ish? Not the red chicken I had predicted.
Now I am feeling terrible about having to “get rid of” one of the two Buffs. It turns out my chickens are quite racist and like to segregate themselves. If I have to take away one of the two Buffs, the reds will undoubtedly gang up on her. We’ll, of course, wait until we hear the official “cock-a-doodle-doo!”
Dsc 0008 3Plusmonthsm
“He” is looking gorgeous and his personality is very friendly. He’s turning out to be my little buddy…that I will have to eat.
Dsc 0027 3Plusmonthsm
Here is the inside of the coop. The chickens have really warmed up to it and seem to love their new home. Three nesting boxes are back there, ready for eggs.
Dsc 0018Coopsm
Dsc 0021 3Plusmonthsm

2 Responses to “Cozy shack”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Hmm…what is it that makes you think “it” is a “he”? Check out this page on Murray McMurray:
    Seems to me that your chicken looks just like the female shown. I’m glad you’re waiting until a rooster crow is heard!

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    That coop is awesome.

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