Another Seattle trip

Jason and I unloaded the kids at Grandma’s house and drove up to Seattle for my friend Jennifer’s wedding. Jen and Tom. It was a fabulous wedding and reception and they are off to the Cook Islands for a twelve (12!!!) night honeymoon.
Jason and I packed all of our fancy camera and video equipment, anticipating a great capture of another rare weekend away. Unfortunately, after walking all over unknown territory, looking for shops, my legs began to swell up like the Michelin Man. My heart raced, I was short of breath and felt generally terrible:( The cameras stayed inside, and I hate the realization that I have to limp through the last leg of my pregnancy with such restricted activity.
Relieved to be getting home on Sunday, our car broke down about 30 miles north of Portland. We had to leave the car at a service station and get picked up by my brother. I guess the serpentine belt flew off, and apparently happens a lot with the Caravan type minivans. Bummer.
So, hopefully, I’ll get a copy of the snapshot taken of the four High school buddies at the celebration. Jen’s dress was beautiful.
This is the ONLY two pics on my camera, ha haha! This massive tub was right next to the bed and I pretty much sat in it and watched TV while we were at the room.
Dsc 0001Seattle

Jason getting dressed for the wedding. I started out well with a skirt, but then slid back to casual with a pair of Converse and hippie type top. Oh well.
Dsc 0002Seattle

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  1. zoe Says:


  2. Barbra Says:

    I am so sorry to here about your car troubles. That sucks! What time did you end up leaving the reception? I was having such a good time, and was totally bummed when Caroline said that she needed to leave. Jason drove us to their hotel, where I had to sleep off the drunkeness for a few hours. I wanted to go back and hang out with you guys for a while longer, but driving was out of the question. It was awesome to see you again. I hope the next month isn’t too stressful on you.

  3. zoe Says:

    Not too much longer. The bad luck continued the next day when the bug broke down on my way to Isaac’s ballet class, 50 blocks from home. My cell phone died mid-call to Jason (who had no car to get me anyway). 8 months pregnant with two kids, trying to waddle down the road home. We made it about 30 blocks when mom came to the rescue. Piece-o-shit car number one is fixed and back home, and piece-o-shit car two is still needing repair. Are we out of college yet?

  4. Casey Says:

    Well, at least you don’t have payments on those piece of shit cars.

  5. zoe Says:

    True dat!

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