Chicken coop update

The inside is complete with cozy straw everywhere, three nesting boxes and a perch made for five. I had to shove the chickens in last night. They really want to go back to their tiny box they’re used to, and I can see it will take some time to get them acquainted with the new habitat.
Tonight, a few chickens actually go in on their own, but quickly come back out, still trying to get into the old home…baby steps.
I’ll try and get some pics of the inside, in the next couple days. My babe went all out and did a beautiful job.
In fact, he is becoming so experienced with all of these carpentry jobs, I asked if his next job could be some countertops I saw featured on “Living With Ed” from this company. They are made from recycled glass and are beeee-yoooooo-ti-ful. I’d even get started with collecting the glass from thrift stores! yes? babe?
I like this one…

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  1. Jeffrey Says:

    Step 1. Lay on the compliments.
    Step 2. Subtly ask for something.
    Step 3. Be more specific about what you really, really want.
    Step 4. Wait for answer from a guy with carpentry skills whose nickname is babe

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