Xander is three today!

We had our usual last minute party at my parent’s house and it turned out great! Xander was a little tired during the party, but was very excited for his big day. I’ll have to take him out for some better portraits another day. Here is a little bit of the party.
Three glorious candles,
Dsc 0018Sm-1

on the huge chocolate cake he had last year as well. He asked for it! Very pleased at himself for blowing them out:
Dsc 0027Sm-2

Opening gifts: Playmobile house with add on chicken coop, kaleidoscope, Magnadoodle, Wee sing silly songs books and CD, Little people school bus, and more!
Dsc 0030Sm-1
Dsc 0051Sm-2
Taking a liking to Transformers these days. His brother’s passion is contagious!
Dsc 0001Smbw

2 Responses to “Xander is three today!”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    House with add-on chicken coop …Ha!!!
    Love the candle photos ….

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Wow. I can’t believe I forgot. Happy Birthday Xander!!! Hope you had a great one, looks like you got lots of cool toys!

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