New Years Resolution 2007

It seems I didn’t do a formal list for 2006, but our biggest goals, as I look back through the Royalmom archives, were:
1. get the rental house finished and occupied.
2. Foster parenting. (tried but not continued)
3. chose Isaac’s schooling and successfully started at-home school.
4. Photography equipment purchased and ready for business.
5. Growing out my hair long and lovely for my Beau. (still a work in progress)
It was a productive year! And we got our own little chicken flock and had the shock of our lives with a surprise pregnancy. So, on to 2007:
1. Finish the chicken coop
2. Replace the last three closet doors and three bedroom doors.
3. Bring new baby Simon into the fold without too much trauma to his brothers.
4. Lose pregnancy fat.
5. Continue to grow out hair long and lovely for my Beau.
That should do it for the list. A year with a newborn always seems to be a blur of survival, and little sleep. The first year fog 😀

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  1. Jeffrey Says:

    How does Jason feel about the Beau character? Just kidding….
    BTW, Ishowed your chicken bullies at work tonight. Benny Hill music was a big hit.

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