Chicken Bullies

Jason figured out the problem he was having uploading our video to the computer, and now he is getting crazy with editing….

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  1. Jeffrey Says:

    Jason and Zoe…
    That’s good stuff. Xander and Isaac make great chicken bullies. Congrats on getting the kinks worked out. It was well worth the wait.
    Looking forward to the next production from backyard media (nice intro)…

  2. omi Says:

    that made me laugh so hard that I was tearing up……crazy kids ( and Im not talking about Isaac and Xander)

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh, I thought “chicken bullies” were going to be chickens! Cute! Made me remember my first batch of chicks. Once I put a little bowl of warm oatmeal in their box. They ignored it for a while, then one discovered what it was inside. She picked up a glob of oatmeal, then the rest ran around chasing her and trying to get the oatmeal! Never mind that there was a whole bowl of it. 🙂

  4. Holger Says:

    I ended up here by following your blog link at ILS. Downloaded the movie and loved it! Showed it the family: they think it is great!! (Run it again, Papa!) Thing is we’re thinking about getting chickens too. Well, not so much The Ms., but the rest of the family definitely. I’m not so sure though: we have no fence and the darn raccoons come by often. They’re pretty fearless and even come in through the cat door and don’t care if we protest. They do eat chickens we heard. So we thought about getting smart chickens. Ones that go into their pen at night and close the door. Something like that. We’re over here in Lake Oswego, so I first have to find out if they allow chickens. The Ms. says chickens without their rooster is sad, but I’m pretty sure they won’t let us have a rooster here. Well, I’ll report how things proceed here. Man that is one spiffy chicken pen you have!

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