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Another Seattle trip

Jason and I unloaded the kids at Grandma’s house and drove up to Seattle for my friend Jennifer’s wedding. Jen and Tom. It was a fabulous wedding and reception and they are off to the Cook Islands for a twelve (12!!!) night honeymoon.
Jason and I packed all of our fancy camera and video equipment, anticipating a great capture of another rare weekend away. Unfortunately, after walking all over unknown territory, looking for shops, my legs began to swell up like the Michelin Man. My heart raced, I was short of breath and felt generally terrible:( The cameras stayed inside, and I hate the realization that I have to limp through the last leg of my pregnancy with such restricted activity.
Relieved to be getting home on Sunday, our car broke down about 30 miles north of Portland. We had to leave the car at a service station and get picked up by my brother. I guess the serpentine belt flew off, and apparently happens a lot with the Caravan type minivans. Bummer.
So, hopefully, I’ll get a copy of the snapshot taken of the four High school buddies at the celebration. Jen’s dress was beautiful.
This is the ONLY two pics on my camera, ha haha! This massive tub was right next to the bed and I pretty much sat in it and watched TV while we were at the room.
Dsc 0001Seattle

Jason getting dressed for the wedding. I started out well with a skirt, but then slid back to casual with a pair of Converse and hippie type top. Oh well.
Dsc 0002Seattle

Cozy shack

The fantastic five: Can you guess which one is looking rooster-ish? Not the red chicken I had predicted.
Now I am feeling terrible about having to “get rid of” one of the two Buffs. It turns out my chickens are quite racist and like to segregate themselves. If I have to take away one of the two Buffs, the reds will undoubtedly gang up on her. We’ll, of course, wait until we hear the official “cock-a-doodle-doo!”
Dsc 0008 3Plusmonthsm
“He” is looking gorgeous and his personality is very friendly. He’s turning out to be my little buddy…that I will have to eat.
Dsc 0027 3Plusmonthsm
Here is the inside of the coop. The chickens have really warmed up to it and seem to love their new home. Three nesting boxes are back there, ready for eggs.
Dsc 0018Coopsm
Dsc 0021 3Plusmonthsm

Chicken coop update

The inside is complete with cozy straw everywhere, three nesting boxes and a perch made for five. I had to shove the chickens in last night. They really want to go back to their tiny box they’re used to, and I can see it will take some time to get them acquainted with the new habitat.
Tonight, a few chickens actually go in on their own, but quickly come back out, still trying to get into the old home…baby steps.
I’ll try and get some pics of the inside, in the next couple days. My babe went all out and did a beautiful job.
In fact, he is becoming so experienced with all of these carpentry jobs, I asked if his next job could be some countertops I saw featured on “Living With Ed” from this company. They are made from recycled glass and are beeee-yoooooo-ti-ful. I’d even get started with collecting the glass from thrift stores! yes? babe?
I like this one…

Surprise 3″ of snow

I was going to say something about, “when three inches can be FUN…” but this is a family blog. ha!
We don’t often get anything more than a dusting of snow, but woke up to a white winter wonderland yesterday. The kids had fun throwing some snowballs at each other and building a small snowman. We went across to the nature area, and I see my nutria are back! We really had a bunch of them a year ago, and they disappeared with the dry summer. I actually enjoy seeing those big rodents waddling around, eating the weeds.
Dsc 0040Sm-1
Dsc 0004Sm-2
Dsc 0007Sm-3
Dsc 0016Sm
Dsc 0022Sm-1
Dsc 0023Sm-2
Dsc 0029Sm-3

Almost moving day for the chickens

Jason worked hard all weekend, and its almost finished! The little chicken door and ramp will be to the left of the big door, and we just need to get some litter and a roost inside. I’m eager to paint, but that will have to wait until is warms up to at least 50 degrees.
Now I’m stumped as to what color to paint it. I was going to do a nice barn red with white trim, but now I’m not so sure.
All the neighbors are aware of our flock now. The other day I noticed only the two buff chickens were outside, and all three of my reds were missing, completely gone from the backyard. Jason finally spotted them over the back fence, roaming around the neighbor’s yard. We figured they squeezed through a small hole under the fence.
I was in panic mode until we got them back. The hole is blocked up now, and I am still letting them free range around the yard. I just don’t have the heart to keep them penned in all day.
Dsc 0010Coopsm
I can’t wait to start collecting eggs!

Dsc 0004Coopsm

Okay, I’m a little late with my pregnancy pics…

And really its not looking that different, but for the sake of keeping up with my photo journey, Jason took a couple more shots tonight. So, let’s play which one of these photos does not belong? (click to enlarge)

Transformer find at Goodwill

Isaac is in heaven. He is sleeping with this huge Transformer by his side.
Dsc 0013 1-12-06Sm-1

Xander is three today!

We had our usual last minute party at my parent’s house and it turned out great! Xander was a little tired during the party, but was very excited for his big day. I’ll have to take him out for some better portraits another day. Here is a little bit of the party.
Three glorious candles,
Dsc 0018Sm-1

on the huge chocolate cake he had last year as well. He asked for it! Very pleased at himself for blowing them out:
Dsc 0027Sm-2

Opening gifts: Playmobile house with add on chicken coop, kaleidoscope, Magnadoodle, Wee sing silly songs books and CD, Little people school bus, and more!
Dsc 0030Sm-1
Dsc 0051Sm-2
Taking a liking to Transformers these days. His brother’s passion is contagious!
Dsc 0001Smbw

New Years Resolution 2007

It seems I didn’t do a formal list for 2006, but our biggest goals, as I look back through the Royalmom archives, were:
1. get the rental house finished and occupied.
2. Foster parenting. (tried but not continued)
3. chose Isaac’s schooling and successfully started at-home school.
4. Photography equipment purchased and ready for business.
5. Growing out my hair long and lovely for my Beau. (still a work in progress)
It was a productive year! And we got our own little chicken flock and had the shock of our lives with a surprise pregnancy. So, on to 2007:
1. Finish the chicken coop
2. Replace the last three closet doors and three bedroom doors.
3. Bring new baby Simon into the fold without too much trauma to his brothers.
4. Lose pregnancy fat.
5. Continue to grow out hair long and lovely for my Beau.
That should do it for the list. A year with a newborn always seems to be a blur of survival, and little sleep. The first year fog 😀

Chicken Bullies

Jason figured out the problem he was having uploading our video to the computer, and now he is getting crazy with editing….