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So the plan this year is to use the public at home school program with Isaac, for kindergarten. I am patiently waiting for my approval and supplies to get started, and doing Hooked On Phonics in the meantime. I know, I know…but it is an okay little program.

I’d also like to get him involved in a class or two, and went down to a local dance studio to enroll him in tap/ballet for some social activity. He is putting up such a fight, no surprise. He resists any kind of class setting that involves other people and is not in his home. It turns out a boy he knows will be in his class, so he won’t be the lone guy.

When we went to look for shoes, Xander was all over the tap shoes. He had to have a pair! Its too bad the minimum age is three, because he is excitedly dancing around the house saying, “Shuffle-step, shuffle-step!” at the top of his lungs. I had to order Isaac’s online, so we’ll see how he likes it next week.



I am waiting for the Courtney Love autobiography to be released on October 31st. I have a feeling it is going to be an interesting read.

Back in my college days I read Marilyn Manson’s first book, and I could not put it down, seriously. His music is not my fav, but his writing style and honesty is entertaining. It looks like he owes a lot of the credit to Neil Strauss, who co-authored the book, and is well known for his biographies.

And on that note…I think I’ll have to look into more of Strauss’ books. How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale, he authored with Jenna Jameson looks like another good one.

It wasn’t 12 year old girls at the American Idol concert

Kathleen invited me to the American Idol concert tonight. I predicted tweens, but it was Grandma who sat by me. She was hilarious, filing her nails during intermission. Then while Chris Daughtry was belting out, Led Zepplin (I think), with a deafening volume, Grandma carefully pulls out some hand lotion and lathers up.

It wasn’t a concert I would pick on my own, but I had fun! It was fun singing along to Gladys Knight, Elton John, Aretha, Queen, even though the singers sounded a bit karaoke-ish.

My sister just informed me Regina Spektor, my new crush, will be playing at The Crystal Ballroom here in Portland on October 25th!!!!! Anyone else want to go with us?

Oblah Di Oblah Da…

ah la la la life goes on!

Me and a couple of kids took a little trip to Seattle the last few days. I am home now, and wearing the biggest, ugliest plaid nightgown well into the afternoon.

It was a fun trip. I met some super cool mamas, I’ve known online for the last 2+ years, plus I got to have dinner with my friend Jen. You can see all the pics I took on my Flickr.

This is my fav. Isaac has a ridiculously HUGE stick for picking up jellyfish.

I am trying to figure out how to allow songs to be played on my blog. My sister introduced me to Regina Spektor and I can’t stop playing this song, Fidelity. I’m boppin’ around the house to it all day.

Dsc 0026

Now you can bop around your house too

Regina Spektor, Fidelity

Regina Spektor, Samson

Family photos are available

Crazy! Kids all over the place. Plus, I was in such a hurry to get them done, I showered both kids and realized later Isaac’s hair was still wet. It looks like its greased over…ewwwww.

Here is the gallery. Actually you click on the album for it, than you can click on the slideshow link at the top. As you can see, lots of humor! ha ha!

Dsc 0084Sm

Chaos in the studio

Great grandma Louise called to put in her request for “professional photos of the three great grandchildren together.” It was Jacob’s last day in Oregon, so I set up the studio for my first ever studio session.

It was a riot! Jacob didn’t want to stay on the backdrop. Isaac was listening so nicely, but Xander was racing around the room. It wasn’t perfect lighting, and there are a ton of outtakes, but I think Grandma will be happy. All of the images are proofed and ready to go on the website tomorrow. I’ll be including ALL of the outtakes, because they not only show the newbie in a studio, but the great personalities of three boys.

Comments are working now. Thanks for the heads-up, Brothers Gentry.

First movie!

Great Grandma Louise

….has a sweet ride for the kids!

Dsc 0077Sm


Our nephew from the East coast:) Here he is!

We had a full day at the zoo, and look forward to a trip to the beach and more. Isaac and Xander are having fun with their cousin.

Dsc 0069-1Sm