The Chickens Are 2 Months Old

…or a little over two months. We’ve had them in the modified brooder box under the deck, for a few weeks now and they are doing great! Today was finally dry, so we all went outside to play and Jason cleaned out the box. It looks like my two Buff Orpingtons are molting a little, so feathers are littered all over the box. Or maybe the Red Stars are beating them up, as they’ve made it clear the Buffs are low on the pecking order.
Here’s the box. The feeder and waterer are kept inside the box on little shelves, and a rain proof lid sits on top. As you can see, our yard is mucho ghetto, especially after the rain and wind storm. The window down there is Jason’s office, and he gets to hear them pecking at the side of the house once in a while.
Dsc 0011 2Monthsm
Two reds and a Buff…the chicken on the right is named “Drum Stick” because if she turns out to be a he, its dinner time! hahahaha!
Dsc 0002 2Monthsm
The best I could do getting a pic of all five. They are cruising around the backside of the mansion they will move into in the spring.
Dsc 0003 2Monthsm
What’s happenin’ ladies?
Dsc 0018 2Monthsm

5 Responses to “The Chickens Are 2 Months Old”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    A girl/woman I work with was looking at your pictures and said she and her family raised some chickens when she was young like your sons. She said it almost made her a vegetarian. Almost…. Not trying to pry, but do you see that being a problem in the future or are y’all already vegetarians? .. BTW… We love the pics of the chicks…

  2. Zoe Says:

    I was raised vegetarian, and although we are not vegetarian now, we don’t eat a lot of meat. But, I still think I could “cull a chicken” if I need to. Jason and my mother don’t think I’d be able to. I’ll let you know if “Drum Stick” puts me to the test! 😀

  3. yo yo its me Says:

    Um yeah I kinda think it is a boy too, the tail feathers look like they are growing out different and same with the back feathers…….but don’t kill it, thats terrible. let him make babies!!! Then you can sell them ; )

  4. Jeffrey Says:

    Anyone who can see the excitement in a good worm slaughter can probably still cull a chicken … unless ‘drum stick’ starts falling you around making happy clucking noises whenever you’re in the yard. Then I think it will be tougher for you.

  5. Chicken Hawk Says:

    SO what kind of chickens are they? I’ve only ever seen white ones….(I don’t get out much…I know)

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